Magicienne nue

Voici une magicienne qui va définitivement reléguer nos magiciens sur la touche. Et pour cause, dans ce tour de disparition de petit foulard rouge, Ursula Martinez fini complètement nue ! Regardez la vidéo si vous ne me croyez pas ! Un numéro qui a en tout cas beaucoup plu au public du festival Juste pour Rire de Montréal.

Vous pouvez aussi consulter son site pour en savoir plus sur elle mais vous n’y trouverez pas la vidéo.

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  1. I smiled from the minute she came on stage! It is a clever combination of sleight of hand and sex! The music made it better. Perhaps her magic is trivial to some, her stripping is lewd to others – The combination of good music, a good body, practiced magic and her smile- that makes it worth seeing!

  2. Pas mal, super, de l’humour et des couilles au cul.C’est sur pour les fustrés du cul sa bloc,normal il faut toujours de la critique ciao

  3. « Good to see this hiqh quality of entertainment.Nevetheless, the star has a VERY horsey face, small breasts,narrow though the hips. Is this the best the French have got? Say it ain??t so! »

    Seems like this guy hasn’t seen a naked woman in person, unless he walked in on his mom when she got out of the shower. The women that he sees are airbrushed, posed and in the pages of a magazine and viewed while using vast amounts of hand lotion. He’s never been laid!

    Sure, the magic part could use some work. But it’s great comedy!

  4. I’m in total agreement with Charles Coffman. The guys with the critiques of her physique, with the negative comments, wouldn’t even have the nerve to drop their pants! The Balless wonders that you probably are. Let alone do a magic trick. Your best trick would be to disappear.

    You had to watch it through, then to make a an unqualified negative remark, so, there must have been something about it you liked that kept you watching.

    I liked her. French, Greek, German, Italian, Canadian, or red blooded American like me, WHO CARES!? She’s a WOMAN!
    God bless ya Ursala.
    And how the hell did you get it up there so fast!?
    never mind.

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    ops, i think i know him…!!asd


  7. Funniest show I’ve seen in a long time, Ursula gave me a real belly-laugh.

  8. Of course it is excellent. The woman is a creative artist making an ironic, comedic statement about theater and performing, facades and deception. Coffman got it right.

    This lady is a lesbian and you know what lesbians like to do. They’d really rather not have to pick pubic hair out of their teeth. She’s made a great sacrifice for this act just to keep it out of the realm of pornography by not shaving her pussy.

    She’s not trying to be a great beauty nor a sex object, nor a great magician. She is a comedian.

    She took nothing (the gaff) and made something great out of it. Perfectly timed to the Pink Pussycat. Part of the joke.

    I’d like to hear her interviewed.

  9. Ursula Martinez est too much. Depuis le temps que je visionne Le Festival Juste pour rire. Et ben là, c’est
    le Festival Juste pour se rincer l’oeil.

  10. Old Fox, you hit the nail on the head. This woman is such a great manipulator of the audience that they didn’t even realize what they were looking at by the end: a woman’s menstrual ritual displayed in front of everybody. The magic trick was just a pretext for a self-empowering celebration of femaleness that was scandalously subversive of what is permitted on stage by a woman. If she were not a consummate performer she couldn’t have gotten away with it, and as you said, she’s a comedian and creative artist. The magic stunt was the act itself, not the handkerchief trick, which was a satirical spoof of magicians who have to make elephants disappear on stage to get your attention. Ursula is a hell of a lot more interesting.

  11. Pffff fastoche… moi je fais ça tout les matin avec mon papier Q…!

  12. Interesting show, for those of you with negative comments…..If you don’t have the guts to do someting « better » SHUT UP! And if you are so disgusted why are you watching?

  13. Well like it or not ot got 110 commentaire, and if entertainment gets you talking maybe it’s art.
    I thought it was fun.

  14. Moi aussi je suis magicien :
    Elle vient chez moi, on baise et elle disparait

  15. OK: Ursula Martinez… that soundz french 0.o

    Did anyone ear her say one french word?? She is just as french as poutine is japanese!! This is at just for laughs, and its one top comedy festivals in the world, meaning they get acts from everywhere in the world. This girl isnt a chick (altough id probably do her after 3 beers. And the act was more about how far will this girl go to try make us laugh, and at the end i did let go a chuckle.

    And BTW: if you ever make it to montreal during this festival, have a look at our wemen in montreal, then make remarks about what quebec has to offer.

  16. I love the Henry Mancini music. I normally do not care for strip tease, but she is so very talented and fun! Thanks for posting!

  17. just like usual the engligh are so prude and negative!!! I’d like to see if most of you would have the guts to do that ….think not!!! Anyways i think she has a lot of guts to do that and i think it’s cool. She will for sure be known for that !!!

  18. A very entertaining routine. A mundane magic trick with an « old style » strip meant to entertain, which it did. So unfortunate that so many were critical of the features of the performer, which is not even relevant. I would hazard a guess that 99 % of the negative comments were made by people who themselves, see their nudity as disgusting, hence the put downs. While the performer may not be a true naturist, she has has an excellent self-concept, as do most naturists, regardless of thier physical lack of attractiveness. I wonder if those making negative comments are the same people who are biased against handicapped, the obese, and less fortunate souls so as tho make themselves feel better. It is actually a form of bullying!

  19. j’ai trouvé ça osé et plutot fun, ça c’est une femme qui a des c……. .

  20. Excellent !
    Sacré rigolade. Elle n’a peut-être pas le physique d’un top model, mais elle a de l’humour et du courage à revendre. Chapeau bas !

    Domage que l’on trouve toujours des hypocrites pour gacher la fête.

  21. Grand Dieux ! Cela le plus de intersting la chose que je jamais ai vu ! Vous remercier Jean pour aider que me crois en la magie encore. Vous savez que vous devez venir la visite me dans Boston quelque temps !

  22. Non mais… Sérieux vous en faites une histoire à savoir si elle est belle ou non… en ce qui me concerne c’est « the girl next door » c’est à dire qu’elle est normale… en plus vous capotez sur les messages que se laissent anglais et francais… depuis le temps qu’on vous le dit que les deux ne vont pas ensemble! et pour les ignorants qui ne savent pas encore, Montréal est une ville francophone à l’intérieur d’une province francophone (Québec) qui elle est à l’intérieur d’un pays « supposément bilingue » le Canada qui lui est dans un continent anglophone (l’Amérique du Nord)… Vous y comprenez de quoi? Anyways, la femme est d’origine espagnole et elle vit maintenant à Londre, une ville anglophone de l’autre coté de la manche de la France, un pays Francophone… plus ca change plus c’est pareil! et puis finalement… Bravo pour le numéro, puisque c,est de ça qu’on devrait parler, de l’audace des gens qui cherchent à nous faire oublier nos tracas!

  23. funny, the most comments in english written are negativ and these in french are positiv. and many of the english writers assume montreal = french spoken = france. sorry neighbours of the south, have you ever heard of canada, ay?

  24. Je considère qu’elle a beaucoup de cran!Ce que je déplore c’est les commentaires ci-haut qui dénigrent les francais.Vous êtes peut-être anglophones mais avez-vous seulement remarqué son nom? C’est loin d’être francais!!!Le festival fait dans l’international aussi…

  25. Good, Bad, or indifferent, I was entertained. That’s what it’s all about.

  26. « Who wrote the music for Ursula??s show? »

    Is it Henry Mancini. « A shot in the dark »

  27. Pour le moins ose et original.
    Un bras d’honneur au coinces du conformisme et politiquement correct. Bravo les Francophones.

  28. Over at one of the Magician’s fora, there was overwhelmingly negative remarks about her magic technique being so obvious and so clumsy. But some people « got it. »

    From the magician’s board:
    Vince Hancock
    Member # xxxx

    posted August 13, 2006 11:11 PM |
    In the spirit of cross-pollination:

    Originally posted by Richard Kaufman:
    « neener-neener » ?
    Is that when you put the tip of your thumb on your nose and waggle your other fingers in the direction of another person?
    from Magic, Ego, Opinion and Truth


    I think the funny gesture mentioned above is precisely the kind of thing being misunderstood lately–whether issued by fellow magic enthusiasts or performance artists.

    Clearly, everybody gets the harmless message of « neener-neener »* when it’s issued by one of the guys, but I wonder why the joke is missed by so many when it comes from a woman.

    I don’t think the video clip of Ursula Martinez shows an incompetent magician, a goofy stripper or even a performer who’s trying to mix two genres. I’m not the first to say it, but it’s worth repeating; I think the clip shows a woman who’s publicly making fun of mediocre magicians.

    A stereotypical, lousy magic act has a lot of mugging. It has a lot of exaggerated, impressed looks from the magician as each miracle is accomplished. If you add music, you may produce a monstrosity. Without any study of dance, the magician may very well attempt some moves. Luckily, head-bobbing and shoulder-hunching are two « safe » possibilites. For some magicians, this procedure may have mutated into instinct–we see somebody else do this goofy stuff and we recognize it as Natural Magical Motions.

    If somebody wanted to mock lousy magicians, she would only have to exaggerate what is commonplace in magic. To really achieve that, she may have to go quite far, since absurd premises and preposterous climaxes…well that’s what she’s trying to ridicule, not imitate.

    I would say that Martinez’s ridicule is fairly severe. Instead of rolling her eyes, like the average polite person, she’s taking aim at crass performance. Her hand-wiggling and mock-amazement doesn’t strike me as lousy technique–it looks more like ridicule of lousy technique.

    As far as the stripping, it’s plain that she’s not even trying to appear sexy or alluring. The clothes simply come off. So much posturing and coy-lover power-trips are demonstrated in second-rate stage magic–one can only wonder to what sum it’s all supposed to add up.

    Martinez’s « Hanky Panky » routine has stripped mediocre magic of all its pretensions: any suggestion of magic is gone (highlighted by « get this » elbow-ribbing and a pointless miracle), and any sincere or artistic body movements, be it dancing, flirting or smiling, are absent (replaced with pelvic-only motions, mocking looks and the nude, inexpressive body).

    At basis, all you have left is a mechanical show, i.e. what an audience is given by a slapdash magic routine: a fantasy that has no connection to one’s wishes or hopes, and a performer that offers flash and shock in lieu of character or engagement.

    Vince Hancock

    *neener-neener (aka « Wenceslas Position »): See David Cerny’s excellent work on an idea originally conceived by Jean Hugard. In essence, the primary « neener » (possibly a corruption of the French non, jamais! prohibitive exclamation) constitutes the first phase of the traditional glide. The secondary « neener » is not merely the repositioning movement, as Braue famously argued, but a subtle, powerful variation that provides ultimate control.
    Posts: 13 | From: Bear Lake, Michigan | Registered: Jan 2005 | IP: Logged

    Bob Walder
    Member # xxxx

    posted August 14, 2006 02:11 AM |
    Well…..yes, but – and here’s the point – it was FUNNY

    I have show this to numerous people now – male and female – all muggles – and without exception they have all found it hilarious. There WERE all Brits though……


  29. I thought it was really good. She’s got a lot of guts doing something like that. She sure has a way of making people stop, look and listen…doesn’t she? I would say that she’s smart!!! She wasn’t vulgar or trying to be for that matter. It wasn’t about her tits and ass…

  30. What a lot of whingers, just a bit of fun and all seemed to enjoy it. Hope Ursula comes to the UK

  31. Je suis magicien aussi ! C’est un truc effectivement vieux comme le monde … Mais avoué qu’il fallait le courage de le présenter , et un coup débuté .. trop tard pour reculer !

    Je trouve la performance artistiques et audacieuse mais loin d’être vulgaire ! Combien de pièces de théâtre considèrées comme excellente y ont de la nudité .

    C’est une très jolie femme , qui n’a pas beaucoup de défaut sur le corps , imaginé lorsqu’elle sera plus agées tout ce qu’elle sera en mesure de faire apparaître de tous ces plis . Je blague !

    Bravo pour l’audace d’avoir présenté un truc aussi basic mais apporté de si belle façon , et bravo pour le courage d’avoir pousser l’Audace aussi loin . On es tous jaloux de ne pas y avoir pensé ou oser le faire avant !

  32. To settle the dispute over her nationality, Ursula is British – she comes from Croydon in South London and has appeared at many UK venues including the Edinburgh Festival as well as a number of international performances. She is not a stripper nor a magician she is a comedienne, writer, anarchist, lesbian and performer. As to the person who asked « what does she do for an encore? » – one of her other acts involves setting fire to various parts of her body (also done naked) She has also written, directed and performed in a number of stageplays to excellent reviews and has made two films. Her stuff is always controversial and one of her plays involves her interviewing her actual parents who also appear naked on stage.

    As for those commenters who criticised either her magicianship, striptease abilities or physical characteristics, you have clearly missed the point. This show is obviously too grown-up for you – dont tax yourself by watching stuff like this – get back to the wrestling and monster truck smash ups.

  33. Ursula Martinez fait partie du groupe La Clique de Londre et a fait ce numéro dans le cardre le festival Juste Pour Rire 2006 au Théatre St-Denis de Montréal. Même l’animateur de la soirée Peter McLoed était mal à l’aise de la présenter…Ce groupe a eu le résultat qu’il souhaitait car le lendemain on ne parlait que de ce numéro…Qu’on aime ou pas s’a fait jaser!

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